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Iron against Valor: Marvel declares ‘Civil War’



Ironman V Captain America Civil War

Ironman V Captain America Civil WarRecent news has hit the comics sphere that actor Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark, aka Iron Man when he’s suited and booted is to make an appearance in the upcoming Captain America 3 that begins production on May 6th 2016. This for you Marvel heroes should be a nice little taste of the epic battles that is sure to come.

The introduction of Iron Man into Captain America 3 is a huge indicator that the coming cinematic releases from Marvel will follow the infamous comic narrative arc of Civil War. Civil War, written by Mark Millar, is a definitive series in the Marvel Comic Universe. The gist of the narrative is a new law is introduced that forces all costumed heroes to make their identity known publicly via registration. This “Superhero Registration Act” is welcomed by Tony Stark / Iron Man. However, Captain America is not a fan of these NSA-tactics. I know, the irony (man). Ok, one pun too many.

But, the conflict grows into an epic face-off which certainly will leave its mark. And it will be interesting also to see how they incorporate characters like Peter Parker into the mix, as in the Civil War arc, Spiderman played an integral role in the narrative. Sony / Marvel, get to work on that.

And whilst this huge arc is all but a branch in the mind of an Alan Moore classic, with similar themes I might add being explored by the likes of X-Men and Frank Miller‘s DKR, I still am holding out for a colossal, comic-film game changer.

The government may be abusing their powers by intruding on the proletariat’s privacy, all that amounts to is nought when these two polar opposites collide in what should be the greatest upheaval in Marvel cinematic history. As long as Peter Parker can keep from getting disco fever.

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