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Action Comics No. 1: Superman got Digitised



Action Comics #1: Superman. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Action Comics #1: Superman. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

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If you, the reader, were to list the most expensive object you own, you would maybe say your car, or your laptop. Now just imagine you won $3.3 million. What would you spend it on? Buy a couple more cars? Gadgets maybe? Sure you could, but you only can do so much with that many cars. We suggest you go and buy one item. Hell, you’ll even get change. So what one item costs that much? It is a mythical thing, a weaver of great phantasms, 76 years old and a real page turner. And no, it’s not the Spear of Destiny or anything like that drab, we are talking about the world’s most expensive comic book in existence: Action Comics #1, in it, the birth of Superman and his origin story.

In recent news, a 9.0 CGC rated version of the comic popped up on eBay, costing a cool $3.2 million for the near-mint 76 year-old comic. Now the CGC has blessed the eyes of us poor folk with the opportunity to cursor-click through the pages. Which is awesome. It is a narrative we are all familiar with to one extent or the other. A story that has been retold and revamped throughout Superman’s history and narrative arcs in comics, animation and film. But to see it as the first readers did all those years ago, as it first existed, is truly a humbling experience and read.

Check it out on the CGC website

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