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War Of The Worlds: Goliath



War Of The World: Goliath
War Of The Worlds: Goliath Poster

War Of The Worlds: Goliath Poster

In the time of radio and extremely gullible people, H.G. Wells hosted narrated a story of invading Martians which people thought was actually real. Which it was not. Sadly. But one can’t help but dream. Cue WOTW: Goliath. This animation by Tripod Entertainment et al. takes us 15 years into the future after the near decimation of Earth by the 80-foot Tripod Machines in 1899. The human race have captured and re-engineered the martian tech in an impressive first line offensive against another impending Martian Invasion.
It does a decent job merging organic 2D animation with the mechanical grand scale of 3D modelling and craft design in this steampunk-themed feature.
Available in 3D for digital download and Blu-Ray from iTunes and the official website, we think it’s a good watch
See the trailer here:


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