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“War Is My Destiny”



War is my Destiny- Ill Bill music video

War is my Destiny- Ill Bill music video

A narrative we can get behind. Revenge. Viva Vendetta! You know the saying though, if it is revenge you seek, dig two graves. This is such a tale and it’s the kind of feuds warring tribes are built on. Ill Bill’s War Is My Destiny has an ultra-cool animated music video attached to it; a mix of traditional 2D and 3D elements that draws us into the songs brooding defiant atmosphere, a non-linear narrative that succinctly brings us into the story. And with Ill Bill, Immortal Technique and Max Cavalera on vocals, you are bound to get some chills as we follow the antihero fight his way from orphaned slave to getting his revenge on the tyrant who killed his father. Directed by More Frames, see the video via the player below.


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