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“The Joker” could be part of a nexus that will gear WB and DC towards more creative pasture



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Warner Bros. has frankly been slow to the punch but it seems that DC Films will be working with more filmmaker-driven narratives based on DC characters that do not share the current DCEU construct led under the Snyder-banner. News that got slightly overshadowed by the Joker film, and not what it actually represented.

These will likely be more in the spirit of comic books in general; the idea of playing around with the mythos of a character, changing a variable, like Superman’s Red Son that saw the Kryptonian craft crash landing in Russia as opposed to Kansas. Or DKR for that matter.

The current Joker film in development has been promised to be a gritty and grounded piece, and it seems WB’s constant shuffling, flaring rumours and divisive results are cause a dynamic shift in future projects. But is it a little too late?

Doing this now creates as much problems as it solves. Any film that does well outside the DCEU will pretty much have a trilogy-like run, which is from a financial standpoint not as great as having an MCU-like filmic excursion. And if this non-DCEU film flops, it can be dismissed as one-off or an experiment and it won’t affect any future DC projects. However, the current DCEU does not have that luxury. And we’ve seen the effects of this.
dc comics, batman, superman, flash, aquaman, martian, green arrow, plastic man, wonder woman

And to make issues a little stickier, people may have to get used to seeing two different people playing the same character in the same cinematic space generally at the same time. Average people should be confused by this. But I’ve learned people are generally stupid. And even non-stupid people will find this fissure in the DC / WB roster a bit jarring.

So while fans may be getting a return to the era of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and DC going the way of a more narrative-driven artistic film, it will be at a slight discomfort knowing the DCEU has broken containment and is causing havoc in sector 2016 through 2020.

Bit harsh? Not really. Batman film has been recently, and unequivocably said not to be part of the current DCEU by the director Matt Reeves. Which leads us to believe Ben Affleck may bow out. Which would be unfair to the actor, honestly. He fills out the suit well. Or we may get a really ‘meta’ movie. Pun intended. Metahuman…

Understand this. Marvel is successful as a brand and their MCU is extensive. But success isn’t mimicking this, which is what Snyder + WB execs tried doing hinging a whole universe on Man Of Steel. DC needs to forge their own way and decide what will truly make their universe a unique experience.

“What do you guys think. Has DC/WB made the right move? Let us hear it in the comment section”


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