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‘Ghost in The Shell’ reloaded




Ghost In The Shell boasts one of the greatest, iconic animated intros; the organic and mechanic melt in a visual eyegasm, bolstered by a the a beautiful voice that sings a haunting defiant medley. The beauty in the birth of a thing, an android, given life.

Apparently this sequence left the same impression on Ash Thorp, Graphic designer who’s had his hand in films like Spiderman 2 and X-Men: First Class. So when Ash decided to get a number of his equally talented friends on a ‘pet project’, he ended up raising and training a leviathan.


Merging computer generated imagery with photography, what Ash and his awesome team have done has teased GITS fans with visuals that pay the ultimate homage to the original intro that captured and propelled our imaginations. This guy behind this keyboard, for one, is entertaining the possibility of seeing the real GITS on our cinema screens sometime soon. Not just settling for Hollywood part-rips of anime classics.

More images from Project 2501 can be seen on Ash’s site:—homage-to-ghost-in-the-shell. There is also a BTS footage that is quite interesting to for you fellow creatives. Proof that if Ghost In The Shell was made into a Live Action Film, it would be the best Animation ever made.

See the original title sequence from the 1995 feature-length animation:

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