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Dulani Wilson 28th Sep, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

Kingsman, with all the financial success, doubled down and crafted a sequel for new and old fans of the film …


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Dulani Wilson 11th Sep, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews, TV

#TAPReviews | Marvel’s Inhumans

ABC Studios’ hold on the Marvel franchise has been a slippery affair, to say the least with more misses than …


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Dulani Wilson 25th Aug, 2017 Comics, Reviews, TV

#TAPReviews | Netflix + Marvel’s “The Defenders”

Netflix And Marvel have been leading a powerhouse performance with their Marvel Knights adaptations. Some more impactful than others, sure. …


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Dulani Wilson 10th Jul, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

We remembered when Sony got her ass hacked and numerous Amy Pascal emails surfaced showing a bit of a scurry …


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Dulani Wilson 29th Jun, 2017 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Transformers: The Last Knight” and the complete death of my childhood

Michael Bay has struck again like the Jerry Bruckheimer ident, and the famed director gives up his fifth and final …


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Dulani Wilson 9th Jun, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Wonder Woman” + DC’s feminist touch

Wonder Woman arguably is the greatest comic character in existence. Once any character leaves the comic pages and becomes ingrained …


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Dulani Wilson 18th May, 2017 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Alien Covenant”

I remembered many a friend called the Alien-sequel Prometheus over-hyped, even a big letdown in the cinema compared to the …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd May, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”: Marvel’s daytime galactic opera

Marvel has been killing it in the box office with their sequel of the space opera comic comic book movie …


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Dulani Wilson 12th Apr, 2017 Movie, Reviews, TV

#TAPReviews | “Power Rangers”

I’m over thirty. So we’re talking preteen when I first partook in Power Rangers and mimicked the martial arts which …


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Dulani Wilson 5th Apr, 2017 Animation, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Ghost (In The) Shell”

Ghost In The Shell has – for the most part – inspired many a sci-fi films in both Japan and …


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Dulani Wilson 23rd Mar, 2017 Comics, Reviews, TV

#TAPReviews | “Iron Fist”, The Hand and first chink in the Marvel + Netflix armour

With a promotion machine that lacked the vigour displayed with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Fist explodes into …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd Mar, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

TAP Reviews | “Logan” (and the Fate of Mutant-Kind)

An end to a speckled era. 20th Century Fox’s run of the X-Men / Marvel franchise has been a hit …