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New “Alien: Covenant” cryptic image released online



alien: covenant, alien, covenant, ridley scott, neomorph, xenomorph, entertainment on tap, the action pixel

We guess 20th Century Fox got tired of the leaks and released an image from the forthcoming Alien: Covenant via Twitter. Check it out:

alien: covenant, 220512052104 , covenant, twitter, the action pixel, ridley scott, entertainment on tap, trailer,
And with it, a series of numbers is attached: 220512052104. A puzzle to be solved. Countdown to a trailer. The number assigned to some black op? Maybe its the auto-filing system used in camera to label recently taken images. Who knows, but let’s hope it’s a cryptic countdown to something awesome.

alien covenant , poster, 20th century fox, xenomorph, entertainment on tap

Alien: Covenant is slated for cinematic release come May 19th 2017


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