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“Batman” solo film comes in “one and a half years”



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batman, justice league, ben affleck, zack snyder,dceu, dc comics, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,News comes down from the WB-camp that DC fans won’t have to wait too long to see Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film.

According to the head of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes, during a recent discussion of the film stated that it is coming in about a year and a half.

So, our great mathematical calculations puts the solo Batman film coming out sometime in 2019.
The solo film itself will feature the direction, writing and acting of Ben Affleck.

Affleck spoke about the Batman film re: possible release date back in June:

I think they have a date for it. Although, I don’t know if I would necessarily be able to make that date because I don’t have a script that’s ready yet. So that’s my—my timetable is. I’m not going to make a movie until there’s a script that I think is good because I’ve been on the end of the things when you make movies when you have a script that’s not good yet and it doesn’t pan out [laughs]. I have a script, we’re still working on it, and I’m not happy enough with it yet to actually go out there and make a Batman movie, for which I have the highest of standards, I would say. That’s something that would have to pass a very high bar for me. It’s not just like, ‘Yeah, that might be fun, let’s go try this out.’


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