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PIXEL PLAYS | “Nioh” Gameplay (Alpha Demo)



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PIXEL PLAYS | “Nioh” Gameplay (Alpha Demo) TEASER


The code of the samurai is something we live by here at TAP. So us getting into the alpha Demo of Ninja Team’s Nioh is about as a natural occurance as absorbing the souls of enemies cut down by your hands.

Check out our let’s play of the game.

Description reads:

Pixel Plays gets its swizzord moves on with a play of “Nioh” (Alpha Demo). But judging from the shenanigans, it would seem Team Ninja’s original brief was to create a juggernaut game that was essentially “Dark Souls” meets “The Witcher”. And the sports energy drink Sharkanade. Patents Pending.

Pixel Plays Hosts: John Rushton (@GrumpyNorCric) and Stuart Young

Watch the PIXEL PLAYS | “Nioh” Gameplay (Alpha Demo) in the player below:


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“‘Nioh’, what did you guys think of the Alpha Demo? Did you feel it was unique in gameplay and can not understand the constant The Witcher / Dark Souls references? Let’s hear what you think in the comment section and via Twitter

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