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Playstation VR price announced



Sony has unveiled that the long awaited Playstation VR will retail at $399 (£349) and will be released this October, with the announcement coming at the Game Developers Conference 2016.

The $399 price-tag is in contrast to market rivals ‘Oculas Rift’ which will retail at $599 and Steam VRs ‘HTC Vive’ which will be a whopping $799 (£689).

The lower price point and may sound tempting at the moment but don’t forget that you’ll need at least a ‘Playstation Camera’ to use the VR headset and maybe a ‘Playstation Move’ set for the full experience, all additional costs.

Here's what comes in the Playstation VR kit

Here’s what comes in the Playstation VR kit


Will the pre-installed user base and cheaper price make Playstation the market leader in VR? Only time will tell. Rest assured that we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest VR news here at T.A.P.

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