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No “Force Awakens” DLC for “Star Wars: Battlefront”



Sad news for Star Wars: Battlefront fans comes courtesy of @EAStarWar’s twitter account:

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 22.22.07

Our thoughts exactly @ninjachirs404, well said!!!!

When this game first came out we all wondered whether it was worth the cost, especially for season pass subscribers who paid around £80 for their Battlefront fix. EA have kept tight lipped as to what DLC this season pass would include but it was generally assumed by all quarters that there would be Prequel Trilogy and Force Awakens stuff involved . Sadly this tweet crushes those hopes like Darth Vader’s force grip crushed Admiral Motti’s windpipe.


This news continues a trend of despicable DLC practices from big publishers which leaves a sour taste in gamers’ mouths. We were burned earlier in the year with ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ which charged similarly large costs for its DLC which honestly hasn’t proved worth the £40 extra they asked for it even after the big December release.  I’m sure many fans bought the Battlefront season pass in similar good faith expecting more armies from either the Prequels or from The Force Awakens. I mean it makes sense right, the game is released to tie in with the the biggest film of the year, maybe the biggest film ever and all we get is one measly map from Episode VII.

Costing in video games has always been tricky but to ask gamers to fork over the price of a game again for the season pass when you’re not even letting on what that season pass will include involves a lot of trust. It’s sad that EA has broken that trust and left a lot of people feeling like @ninjachirs404, ‘sincerely disappointed’.

We’ve really enjoyed ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ here at Action Pixel towers so lets hope the DLC that is offered goes some way to alleviating the disappointment us Star Wars gamers are suffering from.


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