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Wesley Snipes hints at growing talks with Marvel over Blade



blade wesley snipes. the action pixel. marvel @theactionpixel

blade wesley snipes. the action pixel. marvel @theactionpixelWesley Snipes has been dropping some major clues as to the direction things are going re a possible Blade feature. He recently divulged he had entered talks with Marvel over the future of the Blade franchise. He spoke recently via a panel promoting his current The Player series, and has gone further to speak of the discourse between him and Marvel via IGN:

I can break this story right now. Marvel and I, Wesley Snipes, have decided to have further conversations doing another Blade. It’s a topic of conversation. It’s inescapable. They have their agenda. We have ours. We are both moving in an accelerated pace to create magic, so we’ll see if it all matches up. There’s a strong possibility, but if not, we have another project that’s going to rock ’em… that will stand toe-to-toe with Blade.

As to the mention of other potential directions for Marvel-based projects is anyone’s guess, but honestly Wesley Snipes is the only guy who has don blood, and may be too iconic to be seen as anyone else, especially under the Marvel banner.

Well, everyone remembers that Blade series with Onyx member Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones, which was meh. But Snipes hints the talks with Marvel has entered a new plateau, with a possibility of following the Daredevil approach with serialised Netflix eps. When questioned about the possibility of a Snipe-less Netflix Blade series, Wesley Snipes had this to say:

It will never work. I can’t see that working at all [laughs].


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