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Bethesda Softworks counts down to Fallout 4



please stand by fallout 4 countdownEven with Doom teased in past few weeks, Bethesda Softworks up the ante by give us… a countdown timer. To what I hear ye ask? Well it’s for a new game, and by sound of all the buzz, it is Fallout 4.

On their site they have the ominous Please Stand By Counter, which is a well known motif of th Fallout games. It’s the most anticipated sequel every avid gamer’s been waiting on from the Fallout franchise, having only last graced our screens in 1998. So it seems we’re set to get another dose of post-apocalyptic RPG chaos.

Here’s to hoping they bring us the game on a new engine.

Check the website out here. It’s almost time for the ‘big reveal’.

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