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Mind Candy’s World Of Warriors launches epic PvP mode



world of warriors pvp mode. mind candy. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

world of warriors pvp mode. mind candy. the action pixel. @theactionpixelMind Candy (you might remember them behind the Moshi Monsters franchise) have entered the battle strategy game World Of Warriors.

Now think about it. Warriors from every time period and lands spanning the four corners of the globe, from Aztecs, Vikings to Ninjas, all amassed in one location called the Wildlands in a battle royale. And it’s free-to-play. As far as we are concerned, Mind Candy’s official press release should just be “you’re welcome”.

The combat strategy game merges the intensity of MOBAs and role-play gaming in sprawling epic adventure gaming, where gamers can amass their ultimate team offline before going to head against other players online.

To top it off, Mind Candy have today released a PvP mode that allows gamers across the globe to pit their skills against other gamers and level up on leaderboards and win amazing prizes in the ultimate player versus player battle. Check out the announcement trailer:

World Of Warriors‘ Art Director Johnny Taylor had this to say about the PvP launch:

We’re really excited to launch the new PvP mode. It looks epic and introduces a new level of excitement and strategy to World of Warrior. The new feature allows players to take on the world and prove their Warriors are the best. We can’t wait for fans to try it!

World Of Warriors description reads:

Gather your army! The World of Warriors is OUT NOW! The epic adventure and combat strategy game is now available on iOS and Android.

Warriors blends fighting and RPG gameplay in a pick-up-and-play experience built to appeal to all gamers. Featuring an ever-expanding array of the greatest warriors in history, from Ninjas and Aztecs to Knights and Vikings, World of Warriors takes players on an epic journey across the vast Wildlands. Every warrior comes with their own incredible backstory, special moves and historical facts. There’s heart-pounding battle, elemental-based strategy, a rich crafting system and a chance to compete with players across the globe in truly stunning environments.

Check out the official World Of Warriors trailer in the player below:


Mind Candy’s World Of Warriors is free-to-play and is available for download now from the App Store and Google Play on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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