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Superman’s new costume



Superman only just got a new costume, powers and new haircut, but for Action Comics #41, Clark’s uniform gets a good dressing down in jeans and a muscle T emblazoned with a more old-school looking ‘S’ on his muscle T. Do you even lift bro?superman Costume. the action pixel. @theactionpixel Dc comics.superman wonder woman Costume. the action pixel. @theactionpixel Dc comics.

This costume is in line with the numerous changes being dolled out across the DC Comics universe post-Convergence. Wonder Woman also got a costume change which is also featured in the Superman / Wonder Woman art above. Not to mention Batman’s machine body armor, Kyle Rayner impending demise, a ringless Green Lantern showing off his new power gauntlet, it’s safe to say Convergence is much a fashion designer as it is a catastrophic event.

The new costume hints from Action Comics / New 52 era, but with a different “S” shield. This shield is set again a black background, with yellow outline forming the perimeter.

DC Comics’ Action Comics #41 and Superman/Wonder Woman #18 are set for release come June 2015.