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iZombie premieres on the CW



izombie. the cw. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

izombie. the cw. the action pixel. @theactionpixeliZombie is making its premiere on the CW alongside The Flash. It’s another on of those crime dramas from the age old comic book. Except, well your run of the mill detective is a dead zombie chick who eats brains with her salad. Or is it salad with her brains. Does she even have brains? Of course. She’s a detective. And eats cadaver brains for lunch absorbing her foods memories and abilities.

Concepts pretty much zombie gold, as Liv (Rose McIver), a former med student, is turned into a zombie after a disastrous boat party (aren’t all boat parties disastrous?). When she wakes up, she gets a job in the morgue so she can eat cadavers’ brains, but in doing so she gets flashes of their lives and some of their skills and personality traits. This leads to a side gig where she helps the police solve murders. Has a bit of Native drink your blood absorb your soul kinda funk going on here.

She’s not like your The Walking Dead type zombie. No shuffling etc, as she can speak and reason normally, but Liv has the ability to enter full ‘Zombie Mode’, where her eyes turn red and she becomes super powerful. The show itself doesn’t resemble the comic as much, whic isn’t near a bad thing. And while the detective element is good, we hope they introduce some really tough / mind-boggling cases and more touch of the supernatural elments that made the now defunct comic a rememberable series. Too early to cast judgement as the season just started, but hopefully the journey has just begun in grander scheme of things. Lets hope it doesn’t get all Vampire Diaries on us.

iZombies premiered Tuesday 17th March at 9pm EST on the CW

What do you thing of the first episode of “iZombie” tv series? Yay or nay?

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