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215 Ink’s Enormous being adapted by FOX TV



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enormous. 215 ink. @theactionpixel. the action pixelFox having X-Men and Fantastic Four at their fingertips seems to have spurred on their comic film lust. This time Fox TV got together with New Regency have plans to develop a new series based on the action horror comic book series Enormous, and imprint from publishers 215 Ink.

enormous Characters. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThe narrative of Enormous should have the eco-terrorists writhing in their loins, as in the world where the earth has been mined and resourced into a catastrophic ecological event, which gives rise to the monstrosities known as “The Enormous”. Kinda like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but better. So now human kind basically has to win back Charles Darwin’s nod of approval to survive in a world where humans are no longer alphas.

The comic debuted back in July 2014, and has been quite the success, selling out full copies, reaching and surpassing sale trends and needs for second prints of issues.

Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh and New Regency Television’s Andrew Poltkin will executive produce the Enormous series. No doubt FOX TV was titillated by the Machinima web-series based on the Enormous comic directed by Ben David Grabinski and produced by Prime Universe Films, Pure Imagination Studios and Machinima:


Another potentially comic series to hit TV. I guess we can’t complain.

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