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Danger Mouse series coming to Netflix



danger mouse. the action pixel. netflix. @theactionpixelIt was that era of the 80’s where parents could appreciate the wit in an animated series like Danger Mouse, instead of being thoroughly bored having to watch some other animated dribble in “quality time” Netflix have been busy it seems acquiring the film rights to several syndicated shows to be rebooted, with the likes of Inspector Gadget. But this time around Netflix has gotten their hands on Danger Mouse for the reboot.

danger mouse. the action pixel. netflix. @theactionpixelLike the original British series, the Danger Mouse series will follow a giant white lab rat secret agent mouse that parodiesd the james bond spy fiction (way better than the Kingsman film did in my opinion).

Stephen Fry is set to be the voice of Danger Mouse’s boss.

This is one of the few of Netflix’s ventures into kid’s entertainment, getting the rights to the animation series like Inspector Gadget, as well as Some Assembly Required (the live action series about a 14-year-old who runs a toy company), Bottersnikes & Gumbles (a comedy based on an Australian book series) and SUPER 4 (which comes from Playmobil).

Danger Mouse reboot is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016


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