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Battlecat’s Follow The Formulava



battlecat studios follow the formulava. The Action pixel @theactionpixel

battlecat studios follow the formulava. The Action pixel @theactionpixelVolcanic activity is quite the amazing phenomenon that holds within it the very awesome power of nature. The emissions of lava exist in different stages and forms: lava, for example when underground is referred to as Magma. Aa (my favourite Scrabble word) refers to “basaltic lava forming very rough, jagged masses with a light frothy texture”.

Wouldn’t you love to learn more about lava? You do?! Well watch this trippy animated video Follow The Formulava, which lists out the different types of lava there is. Soak in the knowledge, and apply what you have learnt on the geology test you have coming up. And if you do that, you will fail terribly and be put in Special Ed.

Check out the Follow The Formulava animated video by Battlecat Studios in the player below:

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