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I, MARIO. THE ACTION PIXEL. @THEACTIONPIXELWe’ve all had those situations where we’ve screamed at the gaming screens telling Mario to jump, bashing that jump button, just to see him stroll suicidally over the cliff’s edge. or was that just my childhood? In any case some researchers have created a way to make Mario an AI that learns from his mistakes and acts accordingly. The famous Italian plumber was also endowed with the ability to comprehend speech and human commands. In English and German. I guess Italian is not that sexy a language any more.

When this AI Mario gets spawned into a world, and for example gets struck by a Goomba (those helmet-shaped crawly losers) Mario will learn not to let them touch him again. And by extenuation, will come to the conclusion that maybe he can kill them by jumping on them. First day in the world as a sentient being and he has already learnt how to kill. Way to go Mario!

mario HapINESS ai. The action pixel. @theactionpixelBut its not just survival instincts that motivate AI Mario. He has emotions too. Hungry? He’ll search out more coins. Bored? Mario will execute more acrobatic moves and explore hidden levels. And Mario continually learns as he progresses, and thus is able to calculate the necessary moves to clear obstacles and manoeuvre through levels

Check out the video of AI Mario’s first steps in the video below:


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