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Supergirl TV series to be a crime drama



supergirl. s on chest. The action pixel. @theactionpixel

supergirl. s on chest. The action pixel. @theactionpixelFor some time now we’ve been waiting for something in the way of an update regarding the CBS / DC Comics series Supergirl.

Well details have been landing from the Television Critics Association, stating that Supergirl fans should “expect th show to be a crime procedural”. So we can expect the Kara-El to be putting the thinking detective hat in stopping criminals.

The series will include serialised elements for an overall story arc for the season. CBS’ chairwoman Nina Tassler explained:

There will be [crime] cases, but what [executive producers] Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti pitched was a real series arc for her. The beauty of it is now with shows like Good Wife and Madam Secretary, you can have serialized story elements woven into a case of the week. She’s a crime solver, so she’s going to have to solve a crime. She’s going to get a bad guy

They are holding out as to which actress will portray the Kryptonian, and understandably, as Supergirl, as stated by Tassler, will be a “female empowerment story”.

But even with no actress in CBS’ scope, the Supergirl costume is already designed and ready for the right suitor. Colleen Atwood, the Oscar winning costume designer behind the iconic look of CW’s Flash and Arrow has also added Supergirl to her resume, and the suit is said to be awesome. So we can’t wait to hear more

Supergirl, the television series is slated to debut on CBS Autumn 2015

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