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Guardians 3000 #5



guardians 3000 issue 5. The Action pixel. @theactionpixel

Marvel teases fans with the upcomin Guardians 3000 #5 cover, featuring cover art by the legendary Alex Ross, with art and variant cover by Gerardo Sandoval and writing by Dan Abnett. Check out the cover / comic art for the Guardians 3000 #5 issue:Guardians3000_5_ Alex ross cover. The Action pixel. @theactionpixelguardians 3000 issue 5- page 1. The action pixel. @the action pixelguardians 3000 issue 5- page 2. The action pixel. @the action pixelguardians 3000 issue 5- page 3. The action pixel. @the action pixel

Synopsis for the issue reads:

To save the future, the Guardians must reach into the past, and that means striking a deal with the Old Hunger. But the Old Hunger is the most powerful entity in the Galaxy, and it’s not a good idea to wake him up… or to by-pass his invincible herald, Stormfront! Meanwhile, Vance Astro has encountered a Guardian that he forgot ever existed, and she’s none too happy about his memory blank. Time to make friends again fast… before the A-Sentience gestalt of The Stark destroys them all! Cosmic action and mind-blowing SF adventure!

Marvel’s Guardians 3000 #5 is out February 2015

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