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A.K.A. Jessica Jones cast David Tennant as “The Purple Man”



david tennant is Zebediah Killgrave / the purple man in aka jessica jones. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

david tennant is Zebediah Killgrave / the purple man in aka jessica jones.  the action pixel. @theactionpixelNetflix and Marvel soon will begin their exodus in the creative narrative department with the coming of Marvel-themed series, including the likes of Daredevil and one of our TAP10 Lawmen A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

But right now, things are heating up for the Netflix series A.K.A Jessica Jones as they continue their casting process. So ‘who’ is next on the roster? David Tennant, of course! The Doctor Who star has been cast to play the main villain in Zebediah Killgrave, also known as The Purple Man.

In the comics, Killgrave has the power of secreting permones that allow him to control the minds and will of people within his vicinity. So we believe Tennant is a perfect fit; being a Brit, Tennant will know a thing or two about manipulation. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg also championed the choice:

I’m so honored and excited by the prospect of David inhabiting this multifaceted character. He can deliver the most heart-wrenching moment to the driest of lines, and all points in between. He’ll make Kilgrave a truly original villain

jessica Jones. Marvel. The Action pixel. @theactionpixelJolly good. A.K.A. Jessica Jones surely will take a more ‘natural’ approach to the comic film phenomena, and the avenues of ‘normal’ people exisiting in a superhuman / mutant world will have an appealing twist to the average comic book film. It’s what films like Birdman and (poor example coming up) Hancock have modelled themselves on. Check out the synopsis for the coming A.K.A. Jessica Jones series:

After a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter, ABC’s Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23) is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City. An enigmatic figure from Jessica’s past, Kilgrave’s reappearance will send shockwaves through the former super hero’s world.

A.K.A. Jessica Jones premieres exclusively on Netflix in 2015

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