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Davor Bujakovic’s Haring



haring. Klomp! Animation. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

haring. Klomp! Animation. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelYou know when your about to go on a date and you forgot to brush your teeth, and you have no gum and you were definitely expecting to go into first base? Well obviously this guy Diederik you are about to see has absolutely no acumen when it comes to pre-dating rituals, despite his Saturday Night Fever swag.

But who cares if you look good, if your breath kicks like mutant Jet Li, ain’t no amount of suave personage going to help you out.

Haring tells the tale of Diederik, a guy who makes the mistake of eating a herring right before a date. When he finds out his fishy breath destroys everything in its path, he does his best to get rid of the smell, while also trying to reach his date in time.

Haring was written, directed and produced by Davor Bujakovic & Junaid Chundrigar.

Check out the KLOMP! Animation’s Haring in the player below:


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