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光学核心 Heat Vs. Repulsion



heat vs Repulsion. The Action pixel. @theactionpixel

heat vs Repulsion. The Action pixel. @theactionpixelHold on to your horses men. If you ever watched Animator Vs Animation and thought this was awesome, well hold on to your hats as a 19-year old Chinese kid by the moniker Optical-Core (光学核心) decides to go ham and show us how it’s done. DBZ should get a hold of this guy. Super fun, lithe animation with enough action packed in it that you’d take a vow of celibacy after watching it.

Watch as two guys duke it out in a frenzied fight to the death in a wasteland of stone and water. Check out the short animation Heat Vs. Repulsion in the player below:

This guy definitely wants to get into FX animation when he leaves school. Crazy skills!

Blogger, comic book and anime fan. FPS addict. All very convenient. Known to do storyboards and motion graphics when he's really busy.

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