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Vixen series set for CW Seed



vixen. Cw seed. Dc comics, @theactionpixel The Action pixel

vixen. Cw seed. Dc comics, @theactionpixel The Action pixelThe CW have been doing quite well with their vigilante tag-team of Arrow and The Flash, complete with crossover episodes and enough DC superhero and villain cameos to throw a brick at.

Well, CW Seed has upped the anti by announcing that DC Comics superhero Vixen is coming to their channel as an animated series. The Vixen series is spearheaded by non other than Arrow co-creator and executive producer, Marc Guggenheim. There is no word as to the official format of the series, whether being a series of standard 30-minute episode.

vixen. Cw seed. Dc comics, @theactionpixel The Action pixelvixen. Cw seed. Dc comics, @theactionpixel The Action pixelFor those not familiar with Vixen, she has the ability to tap into her Tantu Totem, tapping into the abilities of various animals. Vixen a.k.a Mari, witnessed her parents killed and now fights the same evils of the world that left her an orphan.

What makes us excited about this series is it is set for the same primetime audiences that have enjoyed the likes of Arrow and The Flash. It draws on the world of cemented by the success of the Arrow and The Flash series, as it also exists in the same universe. So we can safely take that to mean we can expect Queen and Barry to make an appearance.

The CW Seed, as the platform’s name would suggest, is the watering grounds for new episodes and concepts films. The online digital format will allow fans to view Vixen on demand via the CW Seed. So our hopes is that Vixen will be approached with the mature storyline and aesthetic competence that will propel it as a tour-de-force, eventually making the migration to the CW. Fingers crucified, anyway.

Vixen is set to come to CW Seed most likely in Autumn.

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