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Puppygames’ Ultratron coming to PS4



Puppygames' Ultratron. The Action Pixel. @Theactionpixel

Puppygames' Ultratron. The Action Pixel. @TheactionpixelPuppygames seems like they are up to all good once again, with a nice little shoutout on the Playstation blog. This time, they are not only saving us the pitfalls of visiting Basingstoke, but are also giving an arcade game with a modern twist in the form of Ultratron. Bit my tongue trying to say that one fast.

Puppygames' Ultratron. The Action Pixel. @TheactionpixelThe indie game developer Puppygames gives us revenge sci-fi shoot ’em up with a glowing white hot neon arcade haze, as players will avenge the human race by blasting you way through 40 Robotron-esque levels of 80’s nighclub hell pixel-light chaos.

Definitely one for some much needed downtime or commute on a crowded subway. Just don’t let anyone disturb your race for survival and supremacy.

Colourful, addictive ‘old-school / new-school’ gameplay, Puppygames is surely flexing their indie-muscle in impressive display.

Check out the game trailer in the player below:

Puppygames’ Ultratron is coming to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in early 2015