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‘Evolve’: Big Alphas and Little Delays



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Evolve  Evolve, since it’s conception in 2010 has promised intense gun gamplay where you have the ability to play as humans and as monsters alike. You can level up, gain perks and unlock playable monsters and characters, clawing your way up the pyramid and leaderboards of primalcy to become top-dog apex predator. Which sounds like an awesome game… if you don’t have a PS4. It seems the game has been running into some blockades in its production, mainly with a beta version of the game to give PS4 players a taste of the game and to test Evolve’s servers has been delayed… again. Which begs the question: What’s the hold up?
evolveThere’s of course some technical issue that Evolve creators Turtle Rock Studios assures players on it’s social media that is being addressed. But there has also been a lot of criticism of the narrative in the game, which we feel they may have also taken to heart. But with their #BigAlpha stress test only available to PC and Xbox One owners, and no PS4 test date update as of yet, they pretty much may be alienating a huge selection of gamers. And any updates would have to be soon, or this delay could have an adverse effect of its official release date. Fingers crossed, we hope it won’t.

But if you do have a Xbox One or PC, you can register your device at to get taste of what to expect. Let me know too. My PS4 no work so good. Check out the gameplay trailer in the player below:


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