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“Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Live-Action Trailer



COD: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer @TheActionPixel

COD: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer @TheActionPixelAs Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is gearing up for its release in November, their recent Live-Action trailer Discover Your Power hit the net in glorious fashion. This is the trailer they wanted you to see. Not like that other trailer that shows a more ‘dead’lier type of enemy.

To be honest we would be super elated if we can do half the feats done in this new live-action trailer. Directed by Peter Berg and starring Taylor Kitsch and Emily Ratajkowski, you take the POV of a soldier tricked-out gear and weaponry, pretty much discovering what exactly you are capable of. Long range jumping, climbing andscaling vertical surfaces with no traditional climbing equipment, superhuman strength. What a helluva crash course. You’ll be in such a daze that you’ll have to be reminded Bestiality is a no-no. Where do you think you are soldier? Rome?!

See the trailer of epic proportions in the player below:


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