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Escape Basingstoke PC Game



escaping basingston. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

escaping basingston. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelFor those who have ever spent more than an hour in the lovely town of Basingstoke, you will appreciate the true genius of this upcoming PC game made by Puppygames.

Escape Basingstoke is pretty much the label on the pixel tin, and the game’s concept is virtually simple- escape that god-forsaken, round-a-bout, small town hell Basingstoke.

The premise of the game has aliens invading the lovely town, and you have to evade death. But it’s not your regular type of game with replenishing health bars… once you’re dead, you are dead. Kinda like real life then. Or some awful reality like Mario where a simple touch from a Koopa Troopa turtle sends you 6-feet deep.

You can’t depend on just guns either (lowsy Britain and their boring no-gun laws and their statistically low gun crime) as players will have to use their wits to craft weaponry out of everyday objects.

The gameplay looks playful enough to be addictive, and just dark enough to keep the adrenaline revving.

Puppygames’ director Caspian Prince promises a hard hitting arcade-esque game, and hopefully offers true insight to tourists interested in visiting Basingstoke. We also have a few options for follow-up games: ‘Escaping Swindon’ and ‘Escaping Maidstone’ for starters.
See the trailer for the game below:

Escape Basingstoke is due for release come 2015

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