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Assassin’s Creed: Unity‘s 300+ patch fix



Assassin's Creed: Unity 300+ fix.  The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelAssassin’s Creed: Unity has been plagued with problems since its launch, from poorly loaded graphics and elements disappearing from the environment to their abuse of the embargo law that stops game journalist from publishing reviews with 48 hours of a game’s release. One or two blemishes we can understand, but the problems were so stark that it infringed on any immersive gameplay. The impropriety comes when you look at the whole picture; Ubisoft knowingly put a defective product on the shelves in a rush to get on the rung of the Christmas season ladder.Sad, considering we were all so stoked to see the customisable element of the game, but instead were greeted with a near unplayable game.

This is further bolstered by news out of Ubisoft, that says the next Assassin’s Creed: Unity patch updates will consist over a whopping 300 fixes. Among this colossal amount of game fixes, issues involving glitches, animation fixes and crashes will be fixed. Fixes for the glitchy frame rate is also said to be fixed by the updates, with further work being done in the Ubisoft camp to fix the frame rate. Patch 3 will be sent out today November 26th, and subsequently followed by further updates. We’d list them all, but we only have that much database space… Ah hell, let’s just look at gameplay fixes only:

Gameplay (navigation, fight, stealth) fixes

• Fixed navigation issues where the player gets stuck. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:
• [Invalides] Arno will get stuck and fall under the map when he uses free run down button on the stone handrail type
• [Mission: Occupied Paris] Arno can fall through a certain zeppelin and remain stuck after performing a jumping action from the top of the zeppelin.
• [Palais De Justice] Arno can remain stuck when climbing part of the roof on Palais De Justice during free roam
• [Saint-Louis] Arno remains stuck while trying to pass over a table
• [Cité]Arno can remain stuck while trying to collect nomad point from Notre-Dame
• [Porte-Saint-Denis]Arno remains stuck after falling between 2 props
• [Temple] Arno can remain stuck inside a building corner at the Temple by using controlled descent
• [Mission :POLITICAL PERSECUTION] Arno remains stuck near a wall located on the rooftop
• [Mission: OCCUPIED PARIS] Arno remains stuck in a certain pile of wooden crates after performing a climbing action
• [Cité] Arno can remain stuck after performing a slide on a building near Notre Dame
• [Cité]Arno gets stuck on the chair while trying to climb the building
• [Les Invalides] Arno remains stuck in the wall while using controlled descend after performing the Invalides RHP

• Fixed haystack issues where the player can stay stuck in it. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:
• [Saint-Louis] Arno is stuck in the haystack near the bridge near the Assassin HQ.
• [Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL] Arno remains stuck if they hide in the haystack that is located in the area with “Kill the Templars 0/3” objective.
• [Les Invalides] Arno gets stuck and is unable to exit the indicated haystack cart
• [Cité] Arno remains stuck in a haystack near the Notre Dame
• Fixed Cover issues
• Fixed an issue where Arno could not peek while in cover and standing.
• Fixed an issue where the incorrect Cover Assassination animation is played when pressing RT+X (Or Square) when an NPC is close enough to perform a Low Profile Assassination.
• Fixed an issue with right facing cover quick drop animation.
• Fixed various camera issues
• Camera will occasionally focus on nothing when performing a High Profile Cover Assassination.
• Fixed animation issues
• High Profile stop animation plays when walking then stopping in an indoor area.
• High Profile start animation repeats when starting to move while in Stealth Navigation in a specific type of building.
• Arno will not enter incapacitated stance if dying while in customization menu
• Arno performs a Wall Eject in the wrong direction at the bottom of ladders.
• Arno doesn’t enter V-Shape properly from Defenestrate onto the V-Shape’s side.
• Arno will remain in a running animation for several second after jumping from a collision to another
• Climbing up angled edges is very slow.
• Arno performs CornerTurns instead of climbing regularly when going to the left on rounded structures.
• Beam Low Profile Step is too fast over greater distances in between beams.
• Arno goes past the edge of cover when Peeking up then moving backwards at a certain distance away from the edge of the cover.
• Arno can play the upper body animation of not having any grenades while climbing up
• Fixed some Booster issues
• Activating a booster during a mission and restarting the memory will stop the booster and give it back to the player
• Inconsistency between the number of boosts selected and the number displayed in the buy widget after redeeming a boost uplay reward.
• Arno will teleport when descending from Fences and Walls
• The Stealth Boost counter does not work properly.
• Climb to Hang corner transition isn’t always smooth.

Well, that was a rush. Let’s hope Ubisoft learnt their biggest fattest lesson from this debacle, and start making sexy trailers again.

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