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Gran Turismo 7 set for release in 2015 / 16



gt7The real driving simulator that revolutionised the racing video game is set to release the 7th instalment in the franchise for the PS4. Game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi says the release will be 2015…. or 2016. Not to worry, no definite release date as of yet may just mean they are still in production and working out some kinks. But one could take comfort in Yamauchi saying it’s way easier to produce a game for the nex-gen console PS4 as opposed to PS3.

And if PS3’s Gran Turismo 6 was any indication of what to expect in 7, you driver obsessed fans can remain assured there will be hours worth of crazy mods, tracks and hours of gameplay crashing 500,000 dollar cars into siderails because you went wide on the corner. Didn’t know you had money to get down like that.

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