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Archie Comics’ “Riverdale” TV Series



archieIt seems with the DC Comic titles like Constantine, Gotham and Flash, and Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. doing their rounds on our screens, another, albeit, unlikely title is due for production.

Riverdale (the name of the town Archie lives in) is an up and coming live-action series that will be based on the Archie Comics. Greg Berlanti after his stint helping to bring The Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl to the TV screen, is about to bring the unbelievably lucky Redhead Archie with the brunette Veronica and blonde Betty. Undoubtedly, the show will be covering that hot, weird 3-way love triangle they had going on. But definitely the character we will be looking out for is Jughead, the laidback smug guy who inhaled hamburgers effortlessly. Let’s hope with that crown, the show does not make a walking subliminal advert for Burger King.There is also a chance spin-off shows Josie and the Pussycats will also be on the slate.

Aguirre-Sacasa is also set to write for the series. Aguirre-Sacasa, who is also Archie Comics’ CCO, has written Archie’s two best-selling horror series Afterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Aguirre-Sacasa also did writing for series Big Love, so you know he knows a thing or two about the whole three-way love relationship constructs.

Archie, Betty and Veronica: Because ménage à trois is true love.

Archie, Betty and Veronica: Because ‘ménage à trois’ is true love.

But, even worse, for some reason, I have “small-town / young-love, Dawson’s Creek” paradigms gnawing at the back of my head. A disturbance in the force if you will, one that hopefully doesn’t come to fruition.

Set to be produced by Warner Bros. TV with Berlanti Productions, we are waiting for more news on the other side.

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