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Popeye’s Sony Animation Test



Popeye Sony Animation

Article by Grace Khanlian (@graaciiiee)

Popeye Sony Animation

Remember the Popeye we love? Well now the old Popeye we knew has gotten a makeover by Sony productions. In an animation test, the Popeye we know has become more cartoon-y, with beady eyes, and no tattoos. What is even more noticeable? The new Popeye does not have his famous pipe in his mouth. I guess the Stoptober no-smoke-zone that is something he and John Constantine have in common.

The 2 minute animation from Sony Pictures is simply a test, and depending on reactions, could possibly made into a feature film in the year 2016.

The director of this clip is Genndy Tartakovsky, known for his recent hit family animation Hotel Transylvania.

No information is given as to who the voices will be.

The absence of the tattoo and pipe has sparked the question, is the PC censorship really necessary? I don’t know; is it okay to completely alter our childhood hero that taught us how to eat spinach? Popeye is recognized by the age group 30-40 year olds. As such they’ll probably will not have the time to watch this altered character.

Watch this short clip here:



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