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Family Guy / Simpsons special



Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover ep. © 2014 Fox
Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover ep. © 2014 Fox

Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover ep. © 2014 Fox

This is one thing Family Guy can say it’s done first. Or at least did it at the same time as their yellow cousins. The Simpsons and Family Guy will be sharing the same platform in an hour-long special airing on FOX September 28th at 9 pm.

But one has to wonder: who’s hosting who? Because by the looks of it, the Griffins are travelling to Springfield, not the Simpsons traveling to Quahog. The enemy that has to travel the longest is already bested. That’s some Sun Tzu sh*t.

The witty slapstick dolt Homer and the retarded irreverent Peter Griffin’s marriage will prove to be a true test of comedic might, as you could end up with a sweet / salty combo that looks weird but works, like on popcorn.

But we expect a whole lot of inside jokes, butts and Family Guy-grazing . The Simpsons have had a formula for  sculpting narratives and it has worked for them but in recent years the comedy has not been as great. Maybe this episode will bring some of that lustre back. And it’s at a perfect time, as the artwork has been getting way better and cleaner on  the Family Guy front, and less of those cheap animation loops of the older days.

We for one look forward to the crossover episode and the pairing up of Simpsons with their Family Guy counterparts. Or is it Family Guy pairing up with The Simpsons‘ counterparts? Either way it’ll definitely be a homage to the fans.

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