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Animator vs. Animation IV



Animation, even the ‘simple’ ones, are a long, tedious process. 25 frames per second. 24 frames if you like even numbers. 12 if you like doubling up. Either way that’s a lot of images. Don’t care how many repeat frames and loop-di-loops you use. In any case this guy totally gets how unruly your creations can get. It’s what happens when you live within the seconds. the next installment of the viral-worthy Animator vs. Animation by Alan Becker has already amassed 3 million plus views. This time his creation status-rapes his Facebook page. Hate when that happens.

Check out the video in the player below:

Blogger, comic book and anime fan. FPS addict. All very convenient. Known to do storyboards and motion graphics when he's really busy.

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