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Bee and Puppycat @
Bee and PuppyCat @

Bee and PuppyCat © 2014 Cartoon Hangover


If cartoons were family members, this Cartoon Hangover’s animation Bee and PuppyCat would be the drunk Uncle who comes over at Christmas and warms your heart with a surprising sentimental story. And by spiking your punch with his own brand of moonshine. No, you are not going blind, you’re just adjusting your senses to the ‘weird’.
This ‘cutesy’ animation was quite a joy to watch, smiles balanced with elegant ‘What the fuck’ Tourette outbursts. Bee (like the rest of us) has trouble paying the rent, and generally her day’s going kinda crap until she comes across a mystical creature. Is it a puppy… or a cat? Who knows.
But now the PuppyCat is helping her out by getting Bee some ‘spirit bucks’ doing work in some alter spirit-verse. I could not make this stuff up. A great watch… that ending is bound to get you all misty eyed too. Created by Natasha Allegri. And with a successful kickstarter campaign and beautiful animation rendered, an ongoing series hopefully is soon to follow. See the animation in the player below:


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