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Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods



Dragonball z: Battle Of Gods @ The Action Pixel / Dulani Wilson

Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods @ The Action Pixel

Manga Entertainment is about to unleash a world of blondes giving their best ‘taking a dump’ faces. Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods is due for release in cinemas come November 2014. But for the Japanese this is hardly news, as its already been screened in the cinema (IMAX even), and is now on Blu-ray over there. But the English dubbed version should be touching down with us very soonish in November 2014. For those of the Toonami generation, you must remember running home in the evening after school, turning on the idiot box to Cartoon Network and gorging your eyes on a feast of spiky-haired Saiyans saving the Universe like it was a basic 9-5 desk job. We are sure the Battle Of Gods promises to be just that. Reviews have been moderately good, especially in the animation department. To be fair, anything from the loop-di-loop 3 – 6 frame sequences and drawn out [temporally speaking] fight sequences (I remember vaguely watching a full episode of Goku charging up for an attack… for the whole episode!). But even then, that’s still better than that live action film they made. I’d eat a spirit bomb before I’d go through that torture again.

Battle Of Gods references the original work of creator Akira Toriyama, who was integral to the creative direction of the film and is considered part of Dragonball Z’s official timeline. Beerus, the real G.O.D. (god of destruction that is) hears of Freeza’s demise at the hands of Goku. So Beerus pretty much travels the universe to test the little upstart to see if he’s battle ready. Something tells me Son Goku just might be. Watch the special extended trailer by clicking on the banner above.

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