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‘Archer’ renewed for Season 6 and 7



Archer renewed for Season 6 and 7 @

Archer renewed for Season 6 and 7 @

Maybe it is his jet black-blue hair of a 1950’s comic book hero. Or maybe its his Clark Gable eyes and his healthy bourbon habit. Whatever it is, we pretty much have a man crush on Stirling “Danger Zone” Archer. And so are the rest of you it seems; Archer, produced by FX, received an Emmy for season 5, Archer Vice. Within Vice, we got to see a coked-out skinny Pam at war with the Yakuza, Cheryl becoming a famous Country Western Singer, Malory pregnant and Kreiger reunited with his Nazi-clone brother offspring. So, nothing out of the ordinary then.  So imagine our superstokism (yes, we are full of neologisms) to have Adam Reed, creator of the spy-satire, already has a season 6’s ‘unreboot’ and Season 7 plans set for 2015/2016. Or whatever.

Reed says season 6 and 7 of Archer will return back to the office/spy/Archer-occasional-rampage format, with some new characters, including little bundle of bastard joys Seamus and baby A.J.

And yes, this might sound like the end of this blog post, but I assure you…

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