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Dulani Wilson 20th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Suicide Squad” releases new poster art including new IMAX poster

Suicide Squad releases new poster art for the coming comic book film, including one for IMAX theatres that has us …


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Dulani Wilson 20th Jun, 2016 Gaming, Movie

“Star Wars Battlefront” Bespin Launch Trailer

EA Star Wars Battlefront brings another DLC expansion into the mix, this time taking to the skies in the cloud …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie, TV

“Daredevil” Charlie Cox contributes his poor “Han Solo” audition to his lack of making eye-contact

Looks like all of Charlie Cox’s time in Hells Kitchen has affected his ability to act in another Disney-owned universe… …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Jun, 2016 Gaming, Movie

Adam Rosser interviews “Warcraft” Movie Director Duncan Jones

So, while we ourselves have been critical to some extent of Warcraft: The Beginning, the interview of director Duncan Jones …


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Dulani Wilson 14th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

Donald Glover cast in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Donald Glover, amongst many things- a writer, actor and musician, is set to also make an appearance in cast of …


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Dulani Wilson 11th Jun, 2016 Movie

“Transformers: The Last Knight” reveals Decepticon Barricade in vehicular form

Transformers: The Last Knight has followed up the release of the Chevvy Bumblebee image with one of Barricade in car …


Dulani Wilson 8th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Title Role “Mandrake the Magician” Comic Strip adaptation

Sacha Baron Cohen is bound to have a few trick up his sleeves as the actor is reportedly set to …


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Dulani Wilson 5th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

Director Shane Black comes out in defence of “Iron Man 3” and the Mandarin

For may comic fans, Iron Man 3 will live on… in infamy as a WTF cherry on an otherwise okay …


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Dulani Wilson 5th Jun, 2016 Movie

“Transformers: The Last Knight” gives first look at Bumblebee car

Michael Bay has revealed a first look at the vehicle mode of Bumblebee for Transformers: The Last Knight via Twitter. …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

New “Suicide Squad” poster art revealed

DC Comics + Warner Bros. Suicide Squad hits fans with new posters featuring Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot and the team. …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd Jun, 2016 Gaming, Movie, Reviews

TAP Reviews | “Warcraft: The Beginning”

Warcraft comes to our cinema screens and, if Hollywood trends of past have taught us anything, this film is the …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” extended Ultimate Edition trailer released

Warner Bros. DC Comics’ super hero blockbuster film is set to make another appearance in the geek stratosphere re the …