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James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad 2” is no longer a sequel, but a reboot. Totally.




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James Gunn is most certainly enjoying his skip, hop and jump across the aisle of DC Comics and Marvel, with Disney’s back-peddling on the controversy conjured by his paedo and rape tweets. Congrats all around then.

James Gunn rebooting the Suicide Squad is ultimately a soft reboot for a DCU on a whole

Nasty aside, it seems Gunn’s work on the follow-up to Suicide Squad, is not so much a sequel but a “total reboot” according to DC producer Peter Safran. With Margot Robbie still playing Harley Quinn. Aah, synchronicity in DC Comics films at its finest.

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The film’s official title is The Suicide Squad. Surely taking notes from the definitive conjectures of the word ‘the’ being placed in “The Batman”. Though judging from GotG, Gunn has his work cut out for him to make a comic book film that does the genre any real justice.

As if to reassure us, DC producer Peter Safran confirmed that director Gunn will wrap filming on The Suicide Squad before he moves back to Marvel. Obviously in an effort to escape the ultimately poor reviews garnered by the first David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

But this all begs the question – is James Gunn that good a director to die on that hill? And is the DCEU any better off for it?

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