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Killmonger to Superman?: What a Michael B. Jordan-casting as the Man of Steel could mean for the DCEU



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Michael B. Jordan last bout in the comic book film realm has arguably brought Marvel their best, layered nemesis portrayed on screen – Killmonger in Black Panther. And as Marvel pushes to get some prolific Oscar awards for the billion + dollar grossing film, it seems Michael B Jordan is now the centre of discussions over at DC Comics. To play, you guessed it, Superman.

No, really. Supes.
michael b jordan, dc comics, Superman, dceu, superman movie, casting, the action pixel, entertainment on tap

According to a Deadline article, Warner Bros. is considering taking a new, different direction come another Superman film. and that includes possibly having a black actor as Superman for the first time. And seeing Jordan is of the right acting calibre and physique, he’s being considered.

Gather ’round, gather ’round. You can almost hear the clacking of angry fanboy keyboards. Personally, I think they have not got Superman right with Snyder + Cavill in the first place, so to build on that mythos with an ‘otherworld’ Superman narrative is a bit premature in my opinion.

And I remember some long time ago I wrote an article about Sex And Race, where I alluded to Superman being white as something that was representative of ‘pure’ Americana. And that’s why I liked the idea of Superman in stories like Kingdom Come; a glittering-generality wrapped up in a cape with and S on his chest, finally being revealed as something ugly and totalitarian in nature.
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Now this casting, if it were to happen, would all depend on the story. Steel aka John Henry Irons perhaps? But I doubt Jordan will jump at the chance of a Superman replacement role. So an ‘otherword’ Superman seems to be the likely bet.

So what would this mean for the DCEU? Change. More than the obvious, obviously. DC’s current modus operandi seems to be living on a wing and a Snyder-prayer of theatrical framing and not much else. So DC needs change. But if Justice League last-minute director change and everything that followed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice proves anything, is that Warner Bros idea of progression is change, whether purposefully proactive or more often reactionary. A movement in any direction. Not really a good indication of things to come. Contrary to Marvel and Kevin Feige, there seems to be no one at DC manning and overseeing the trajectory of DC Films. And a drastic change in Superman will conjure up feelings in some fans that DC is scrambling again. And by fans, not the ones currently boiling with racist vitriol.

On the other hand, Michael B. Jordan is an actor we can trust. From Black Panther to the Rocky-spinoff Creed to Blood Brothers, he has delivered and aims to bring his best. As such, we are inclined to believe if Michael B. Jordan was offered the part, the narrative would have to be right. And the execs would have to stop their incessant meddling or end up with a film like 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four.

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Plus, the talks of a new Superman is for “down the road.” Warner Bros. is reported not too worried about putting out another Superman movie for several years at least. Instead, it will focus on the Supergirl movie that is currently in development.

What you guys think? Warner Bros. serious or testing the waters. The internet’s probably the worst place for that, arguably. Ready for a black Supes? Tell us in the comment section + via Twitter @TheActionPixel and on Facebook


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