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Blizzard Entertainment is taking esports to another level by building their very own arena



blizzard entertainment, blizzard,the action pixel, arena, entertainment on tap

blizzard entertainment, blizzard,the action pixel, arena, entertainment on tap

In a move that every PC gamer or anyone with an acumen of business sense would expect to see, Blizzard is set to snow out the competition in the e-sports arena to host an eco-system of its own.

Yep, Blizzard is building its own arenas to host their tournament events.

The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles (located in Burbank Studios) will be one of the first arenas in the United States to built specifically with e-sports events in mind. It will open on October 7, with the start of the Overwatch Contenders Season One playoffs. It will then host the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s Summer Championship, the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, and more tournaments involving Blizzard’s own games.

And when you think of it, Blizzard has been a major player in the e-sports community holding tournaments for games specifically made for this level of competitiveness – your WOW‘s and StarCraft‘s. Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

And while it seems there are no intentions of hosting non-Blizzard events, no doubt later down the line the facility will be an enviable (and rentable) place for third party organisers to host e-sporting events. If they don’t mind having the Blizzard banner permanent affixed in the venue.

More news as things develop.

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