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Ubisoft hits fans with an announce trailer for “Beyond Good and Evil 2”



beyond good and evil 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, E3 2017,,Announcement Trailer

beyond good and evil 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, E3 2017,,Announcement Trailer

Ubisoft has been flexing its muscle at E3 2017. And whilst it introduced the expected AC title Assassin’s Creed Origins, one title seemed to get extra brownie points for a more ‘out there’ premise, design and overall presence – Beyond Good And Evil 2.

There’s a cockney speaking monkey, a hog, bad ass chick with a fro, dirty cops all in a sprawling megatropolis. What’s not to love?

Description reads:

Journey to System 3, for the prequel to one of Ubisoft’s most beloved games! Fight alongside unforgettable characters in a stunning new solar system, as you struggle for freedom and the right to determine your own fate among the stars. Play the adventure by yourself or with friends in a vast and seamless online playground.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the spiritual successor to the cult classic, a prequel that will transport players into a profoundly multicultural world, capturing the spirit of the original with grandiose decors and intense dramas that play out across a vast universe. Through the Space Monkey Program, Ubisoft Montpellier will be developing the game alongside its community of fans.

System 3 has become the center of interstellar trade and colonization in the Milky Way of the 24th century, thanks to the creation of Hybrid slaves. While private enterprises fight over resources and power, the first colonists weave together the rich and diverse spiritual and cultural heritages of Old Earth to give meaning to their existence. In this new era of piracy, we will rise from lowly pirate to legendary captain at the helm of massive star-faring vessels, adventuring alongside crews of colorful characters to fight for freedom and the right to determine our own fate among the stars!

Watch the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer in the player below:


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