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Is “No man’s Sky” tanking?



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no mans sky, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, the action pixel, sean murray,hello games,With the hype that surrounded No Man’s Sky, with delay after delay, it hit the gamersphere with an impetus of a class-5 hurricane… that quickly seemed to fizzle out to a zephyr.

Now more bad news it seems is on the horizon, as the Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky for false advertisement. The main issue being the screenshots and trailers look little to nothing like the actual game.

hello games' no mans sky. The action pixel. @theactionpixelOn average less than 1000 players are actively playing No Man’s Sky on Stream. That, coupled with the numerous bug that has gotten gamers to rage quit and get back a refund on the game, the experience of No Man’s Sky seems a bit overcast by problems.

According to Redditor AzzerUK, both the No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games, and Valve have a joint responsibility and are both being investigated. What is being investigated? Apparently, the following are the most complained about features:


• User interface design
• Ship flying behaviour (information; with a ‘wingman’; flying close to the ground)
• Behaviour of animals (in herds; destroying scenery; in water; reacting to surroundings)
• Large-scale space combat
• Structures and buildings as pictured
• Flowing water
• Speed of galaxy warp/loading time
• Aiming systems


• Size of creatures (9)
• Behaviour of ships and sentinels (4, 5 and 8)
• Structures and buildings as pictured (3)

Store Page in general:

• Quality of graphics
• References to: lack of loading screens, trade convoys between stars, factions vying over territory


Now don’t get us wrong, we get that the very scope that No Man’s Sky boasts was always going to be a challenge, I think gamers in general would expect bugs. But it seems the problems are a bit more systematic that the odd DLC can fix. Which begs the question how much a nip-tuck was used to get all the promo videos and images looking the way they are? In any case, Hello Games and Valve will have to answer to the ASA; there is no information as to when that will be though.

Fan boy exaggeration? BSkyB sabotage? Snake-oil merchandising? Where do you think, if you feel, No Man’s Sky got it wrong. Or right? Let us hear it in the comment section


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