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PIXEL PLAYS | “Paragon” Gameplay



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Another Wednesday rolls around and we found it only right that you be annointed with another Pixel Play Let’s Play episode! Woo! Gaming! And this hear ep we take to the MOBA Paragon to get our team-trust exercises in for the week and the results are… well… see for yourself.

Description reads:

Pixel Plays! Yay! And we are duking it out with gamers in this Let’s Play of Epic Games’ MOBA “Paragon”. And you’ll find we have perfected both offensive and retreat tactics. After all, it is a thinking man’s game. Like that board game… you know the one with all the pieces, like checkers but they all move ‘L’ and zig-zaggy-like…

Pixel Plays Hosts: Amer Iqbal and Alex Haigh

Watch the PIXEL PLAYS | Paragon Gameplay in the player below:

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Pixel Plays airs every Wednesday at 2 pm BST on The Action Pixel YouTube channel


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