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The Walking Dead Season 3 E3 2016 teaser released



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Telltale is going in with their announcements and reveals with the likes of Batman and now TWD.

Telltale’s Job Stauffer gives us a reveal via IGN of The Walking Dead Season 3, well, not season 3… what?:

We aren’t outright calling this The Walking Dead Season 3, though this is absolutely the third season and it will absolutely continue the story that you’ve started if you’ve started and played through seasons one and two.

Fine then. the next instalment. But either way Clementine, aka my future daughter is back and Stauffer gives us some insight into her current status and mindset:

When we first were with her, she was about 8 or 9 years old. Into Season 2, she was closer to 11. And now she’s in her early teens and a lot of time has passed and a lot of things have happened.

And top of that, it looks like as well Clementine is also missing a finger. What the middle finger is that about!?

Clementine (Clem for short) is joined by Javier (“Javi for short,” Stauffer says) and he is “central to this story.” Javier is an entirely new character and didn’t exist in either the comics or TV show. You will play as both Clem and Javi in Season 3, and Clem is very much his equal.

Watch the trailer below:


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