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PIXEL PLAYS | “Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” Demo



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In this Pixel Plays Let’s Play episode, we got our hands on the Resident Evil VII demo and explore what must be the worse BnB we’ve ever seen. The video entertainment sucked (VHS / no BluRay), the lights were out all the time, the place was just a mess, the food was inedible and the front door was jammed. Couldn’t even find the host until I wanted to leave…

Description reads:

Pixel Plays, being comprised of the manliest of men, take the demo of CAPCOM’s “Resident Evil VII” for a spin. Mission, to leave a house that could definitely use a bit of spring cleaning. Simple enough, right?

But, what we could also use a gun. Unlimited shells. A crucifix to repel all evil. You know, the type of sh*t that’s in shortage in horror films.

And white noise is very disturbing… when can we get a horror film that uses the quiet DVD + BluRay screens that have the icon bouncing around?

Check out our playthrough

Pixel Plays Hosts: Amer Iqbal (@amer_e_iqbal) + Dulani Wilson (@bluntspear)

Watch PIXEL PLAYS | “Resident Evil VII: Biohazard” Demo in the player below:


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“Well, that was terrifying. Did you think it was any good for a demo? How about those that tried it in VR? We heard it was a hot mess. Let’s hear what you think in the comment section and via Twitter

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