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Adam Rosser interviews “Warcraft” Movie Director Duncan Jones



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So, while we ourselves have been critical to some extent of Warcraft: The Beginning, the interview of director Duncan Jones conducted by Adam Rosser is still as uncomfortably awkward and weird as you can get.

Rosser did bring up some valid points re: Medivh’s abrupt and unexplained corruption by Fel magic and the feeling of disconnection between locations. Jones’ answers were however quite succinct and honest. The interview did have us feeling that the source material of the movie is what Rosser had the most problem with. And we’re sure an abrupt walk off by the interviewer isn’t the best way to end an interview.

But judge for yourself:


“It’s one thing to be hyper-critical of a movie, but the interviewer posed valid points, but could have been carried off more tactfully. And the supposed death threats that Rosser received because of his walk out is by no means warranted. Such so-called ‘fans’ is what we need absolutely less of.


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